Urgent QuickBooks Help

If your firm uses QuickBooks, whether desktop or online version, and you need help with maintenance, troubleshooting, closing out periods, posting and voiding transactions, reviewing the audit trail for unauthorized transactions, building custom reports and more, we are always a phone call or e-mail away.

Our QuickBooks Certified bookkeeper will call you to gather some information on what needs to be done and how urgent your matter is.  We will then give you a cost estimate, and if you are comfortable with moving forward, we will then get to work. In certain instances, we will need to start a remote session where we will be taking control over your screen while you watch, and then show you what needs to be done or how the issue needs to be fixed.

We can also help you with other software packages such as Xero and Intacct.

Don’t wait until your problem compounds.  Contact us at once to get the prompt service and banish the headache.