Strategic Analysis and Planning

In today’s extremely competitive business environment, smart executives know it’s important to plan ahead to stay ahead. In addition to stiff competition, businesses also face myriad rules and regulations from seemingly countless governmental lawmaking bodies.

Companies that want to expand and grow need to know which segments of their businesses generate cash and which tend to lag behind.

They need to know more, as well. For example: is it better to lease or to buy … to spend money to launch a new product line or to stand pat … to increase staff or to put a freeze on personnel additions. These are just a few of the many critically important questions business executives face daily.

And, as anyone who has ever run a business knows – there are no easy answers.

That’s where Davidov & Associates can help. We can perform an analysis of your business and design effective strategies tailored to your needs … strategies that, when implemented, will maximize efficiency and profitability for your business and assure its long term success.

We do more for you, too. We can prepare short-and-long term budgets and forecasts and compare them with your actual performance on an ongoing basis. This will allow you to quickly determine if you go over budget in any area of your business … and correct it with our help.

We can even recommend cost reduction strategies and help you select the most cost-effective solutions for your business. Additionally, we’ll point you in the right direction whenever you need financing for your working capital.