Levies and Liens

You can ignore IRS notices for so long.  After some time, when you keep silent and IRS grows impatient, IRS will pass your case to their Collections Unit, which will attempt collections for several months.  If their collections efforts prove unsuccessful, they will send you a notice titled “Notice of Intent to Levy”.  This notice is different from all the previous ones because it threatens you with a specific action that can damage your credit and even reputation with your employer.  Why?  Once levy is filed, your assets will have an IRS claim attached to them, with liquid assets or income taking a direct hit.  You should NOT ignore this notice.

As soon as you receive this notice, all you need to do is to contact us and we will take care of the rest.

We specialize in both preventing levies and liens from being applied to you and releasing or removing levies and liens already applied.  Whether you are threatened with a levy or lien or already have one or another applied, the best gift you can make to yourself is to contact us right away.  We will engage all appropriate resources to make sure you are levy or lien-free within a reasonable period of time.