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Welcome to Davidov & Associates, CPA, a CPA practice serving Washington DC. We are the One-Stop-Shop you can trust for all your tax, accounting and business consulting needs.

Welcome to Washington DC

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Welcome to Davidov & Associates, CPA, a CPA practice serving Washington DC. We are the One-Stop-Shop you can trust for all your tax, accounting and business consulting needs.

Whether you’re a small to medium-size business or a small one-person firm, you can count on us to meet your specific needs – reliably, efficiently and professionally. Our approach is simple: you are unique and deserve services tailored to you and your business. And that’s precisely what we deliver.

Top three services our clients retain us for:

Why Choose Us

  • We put you and your needs first. Our success is based on your complete satisfaction.
  • We have 20+ years experience in both corporate and public accounting.
  • We ALWAYS take the time to explain what is being done for you in plain, easy-to-understand English. You have a right to know … we have an obligation to tell you.
  • We work for you. Ask us any question, any time. We’re always available.
  • We care about your tax and accounting needs, and work towards the best resolution possible.
  • We have accumulated a massive body of knowledge and expertise that we can put to work for you.

We know you have plenty of choice when it comes to picking your CPA. However, we are one of the very few CPA practices serving Washington DC and surrounding areas that offers a truly personalized service for a reasonable and competitive fee.

Just read what satisfied clients say about us. Whether you need tax return help, bookkeeping services, estate tax return, corporation tax return, S-Corp return or one of the many other services we offer, go ahead and contact us right away. We will usually respond to your inquiry within 2-3 hours, and if you send us a request for a quote, then we will respond within 24-48 hours.

What our clients say?

My wife and I reached out to Mike several years ago when we were faced with an unusually complex tax return involving a foreign income source. We found Mike to be incredibly professional and thorough throughout, from our initial meeting to review our situation, to his submission of a draft return for our review, to the final submission, including a professionally bound copy for our records. We were quite pleased and would be happy to recommend Mike to anyone in need of professional tax assistance.

J. Joseph, Washington, DC

I found Mike’s firm through LinkedIn. At the time, I was planning to hire an interim Controller and Senior Accountant to handle my Finance department. I asked Mike to find and screen candidates. Unlike many headhunters I talked with before, Mike got down to business and after a few weeks of sifting through many applications, he found two people that I later offered permanent jobs to. Mike’s goal was not to make a quick sale and run with dollars, but rather to deliver what I wanted only at a fraction of the cost recruiters would have charged me. If you ask me, Davidov & Associates is the most satisfying experience I have ever had in temporary finance staff screening.

Mary Ann Rogoszky, Washington, DC

Michael gets kudos from me on helping me set up accounting for my business. He quickly assessed the needs, presented me with the solution and convinced me that this was the best way to keep track of my money. Two years later, my business grew 70%, and part of the credit goes to Davidov & Associates. Besides, Mike is a great guy to talk and hang out with. We went on several skiing and fishing trips together.

Skip Schwenk, Miramar, FL

Our family never thought of using a boutique accounting firm to prepare our taxes. It seemed out of reach because of high hourly rates. So we did our taxes ourselves using TaxCut software. Not being tax gurus, we inevitably made mistakes, and we only found out when we received IRS request for more information. That alone was scary enough to send us searching for a specialist. We asked our friends and coworkers if they know anybody who is reputable and relatively inexpensive. My husband’s coworker mentioned Davidov & Associates in Alexandria VA. They helped him with his tax records and tax returns. I called and scheduled an appointment.

I was impressed by their attitude. Mike, who is their owner, talked to me like I was his close relative. He made me feel welcome, relaxed and not fear IRS anymore. Before long, my situation was successfully resolved, and no additional tax was levied. Ever since we have our taxes done only through Davidov & Associates.

Brenda Mattingly, Arlington, VA

If you want to get the refund you are entitled to, no penny less, give Mike a call. There are many tax preparers out there, but very few ones like Davidov & Associates, I know for sure.

Great personal service for a reasonable price. A deal in our current economic downturn.

Scott Lowell, Alexandria, VA

Before we were referred to Davidov CPA last spring, we had a larger accounting firm handling our accounting and taxes. It was a hit or miss. Technically, they did their job but they were never really interested in reducing our taxes as much as was legally possible. As we found out, our books were actually maintained by an outsourced group in India. While that certainly reduced the cost, our former CPA did not pass the savings on to us. We were also uncomfortable having our confidential data available to foreign workers.

Davidov CPA was unlike any other firm we have come across. Not only they worked with us to come up with a tax reduction plan that we stuck to all year, they also kept us in the loop on new tax law developments. Speaking of bookkeeping, they don’t outsource it overseas. It is all done by US-based professional bookkeepers. We can’t be happier and recommend others to at least check them out and compare to their current accountants. You may never know what you are missing until you compare.

Bill and Kristen Sperry, Lansdowne, VA

As a business owner, I am so happy I found Mike at Davidov & Associates. I never had time to organize my records and create a tax strategy to minimize taxes. I used to have a CPA who did my taxes for seven years, but last year my CPA outsourced the returns to some poorly trained preparers who were not even CPA. My refund came in $3,500 less than what I was entitled to, as Mike told me later. He also tipped me off that return was outsourced. Mike offered me a free amended return, and guess what, I asked him to handle my finances.

If you are looking through this website, you can trust me, you don’t have to shop around any further, give Mike a try, tell him Rodrigo referred you.

Rodrigo Arroyo, Falls Church, VA

have been using big national tax return preparation firms for a number of years. I recently realized that it was a waste of my money. Not only they made so many errors on my tax return, they also charged an arm and leg for it. Someone referred me to Davidov & Associates, and I thought I’d give them a shot. Their approach was very different. They treated me like an important customer deserving an unhurried review. As a result, I got the biggest refund for the last five years, and they also helped me file amended returns for three previous years.

If you are looking for a personal touch from experienced folks and want to keep the price tab within your budget, Davidov & Associates is a way to go.

Jay Lindsey, Fairfax, VA