How We Helped

Please feel free to check out these actual examples of how we helped some of our clients resolve IRS problems.  These are IRS notices we received on behalf of our clients since they signed Power of Attorney to have Mike Davidov, CPA represent them before IRS. All personally identifiable information is blacked out due to privacy considerations.

  1. Favorable IRS installment agreement negotiated that allowed our client to take care of his monthly bills 

  2. IRS audit successfully handled – letter stating that no changes were made to originally filed tax return upon audit completion

  3. Additional tax debt added to an existing IRS installment agreement for convenience of our client 

  4. IRS penalties abated based on taxpayer’s good standing

  5. IRS audit of a self-employed professional successfully handled – no change letter sent

  6. IRS late filing penalty for an S Corporation abated based on a first time filing this type of return

  7.  IRS inquiry closed due to explanation provided

  8. IRS tax due notice handled – not only we proved there was no tax due, we actually got our client a small refund

  9. IRS removed penalties and interest after we insisted that they should apply a special little known guidance issued for precisely this type of situation

  10. IRS removed substantial penalties and interest after we filed an amended return and cited a reasonable cause for client not filing her return on time

  11. IRS allowed a first-time homebuyer credit following the initial disallowance after we explained why it should be allowed

  12. IRS significantly reduced the tax bill after we submitted proof that most of the items IRS showed as missing from the return or disallowed were either on the return or should be allowed

  13. IRS removed the large penalty from our corporate client’s account when we cited a lesser known defense

  14. IRS inquiry closed after we proved the client’s retirement plan distribution was non-taxable