Outsourced CFO

Business is great for your new company. Your product or service is selling very well and your customer base is growing. You are off to a great start. But, you have a problem: your bookkeeper is still preparing your books for you … and you now need more high-level help.

In fact, you need effective business strategybusiness intelligence … and investor outreach in order to keep your company growing and moving in the right direction. Those are services you will not get from your bookkeeper. Effective financial management is critical to you at this stage to make sure your available dollars are spent wisely. But, you don’t have the time – and perhaps the expertise – to handle these functions yourself.

There is a solution … it is Davidov & Associates. We offer a service called “Outsourced CFO” that works this way: we provide you with a “dedicated CFO” who will come to your office once each week to conduct strategy meetings with you and your top staff and work sessions with your accounting personnel. Our “dedicated CFO” will also gather other important information which he’ll use to work on CFO-level tasks and projects for you … work he will continue to do each new week when he shows up at your office.

Below is the short list of our Outsourced CFO services:

1. Management of your existing accounting department – remote or on-site
2. Building a team – hiring new members of your accounting department
3. Day-to-day accounting operations
4. Working with financial institutions to obtain loans and lines of credit
5. External financial audit conducted by an audit firm – preparation and management (experience with Big 4, Grant Thornton LLP and smaller audit firms)

6. Analytics and business intelligence
7. Fraud risk assessment and minimization
8. Technical accounting – US GAAP
9. International subsidiaries – foreign currency exchange risk, accounting basis conversion for financial statements, consolidations
10. Worldwide taxation minimization – transfer pricing, proper legal entities and jurisdictions
11. Venture capital involvement – VC presentations to term sheets and reporting

It’s a great service and remarkably affordable because you get the expertise of a CFO without the costly overhead of a full-time staff employee.
Contact us today to get started … because this is an opportunity that is too good to pass up.