Tax Help For Foreigners

Davidov & Associates is located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, a part of the country that is home to a large community of foreign diplomatic staff … foreign exchange students … representatives of foreign firms and organizations … temporary foreign workers … and other foreigners.

Many of these people need to file a special tax return, Form 1040-NR. Surprisingly, it can be complex and difficult to do, especially for someone who is not used to preparing a United States tax form. In such cases, it makes sense to utilize the services of a local accounting firm – like Davidov & Associates.

We have worked with – and for – many foreign nationals and can put our expertise to work for you, as well. In fact, we can take care of much more for you than just the filing of an individual tax return. If your firm is in partnership with a U.S. company, you need to file a “Partnership” return or your U.S. partner will suffer the disallowance of losses and credits to which it is entitled. We can prepare that filing for you.

The truth is we can prepare any filing required by the IRS if you are a foreign national or even a dual-status resident. Call us today.