Bank Financing

Whether you are a startup in need of an SBA loan or an existing business that needs to take out a loan for working capital or expansion purposes, you can count on Davidov & Associates, an Alexandria VA small business CPA, to put together a winning loan application.

What makes for a winning application, you ask?  According to Mike Davidov, CPA, our Managing Principal, it is an effective executive summary, thoroughly vetted assumptions used on the proforma cash budgets and projections, standard financial statements, owner personal financial statements and last three years’ worth of tax returns, and finally, knowledge of how the lending process works.  All of this combined is a recipe for a success.

We will conduct an interview with you where we learn about what you are trying to accomplish, how your business is currently doing (if established) or how you plan to jump-start your operations (if a startup) and your assumptions to be used in financial projections.  Assumptions are extremely important as they will drive the entire financial model.  We spend as much time as necessary to identify, research and vet all assumptions and work with you to link related assumptions with formulas.

Davidov & Associates works closely with lending officers from such banks as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Truist, PNC Bank, Capital One, BB&T as well as selected smaller local banks in Washington DC Metro area.  Majority of business lending officers at those banks are incentivized to make loans so it is all about meeting bank requirements, including completeness of a document packet, proper ratios and assumptions making sense.

If you need a startup capital to begin and maintain your operations for the first year or more, or your cash flow is not sufficient to maintain a needed working capital level, do not attempt to handle the loan application on your own.  Just turn to Davidov & Associates for an expert handling of your loan application.

We can also help you obtain non-conventional financing, including asset-based loans, non-conforming loans, lines of credit and more.  Contact us to learn more.