Contract Negotiation

The ability to negotiate effectively can save you money … if you know what you’re doing. If not, it can cost you money. In fact, there are two kinds of people that populate this world – those who buy everything at full price and never challenge terms that are offered to them … and those who always negotiate lower prices and more advantageous terms.

As a business owner, you need superior negotiating skills in order to lower costs and help your business grow. If that is not one of your strengths, then you need help. And Davidov & Associates can provide it. We have a successful track record negotiating contracts for our clients and we can prove it.

Here is what we will do for you. To start, we’ll meet with you to learn about your company and any contract you’re thinking of signing. Then, we’ll review the contract language … make edits … and submit the new version to your client for you. When the contact comes back, with edits provided by your client, we’ll work to “bridge the gap” between you and your client.

If necessary, we’ll even conduct meetings for you with your client until we can come to a mutual agreement that is satisfactory for both sides. Our goal is to assure that you and your client are satisfied with the final version of the contract.