We service small-to-medium-size businesses just like most typical CPA firms. But, while the “full range” of services they offer, including audit and review, is fairly standard, we, at Davidov & Associates, go much farther. Our goal is always the same: to place a strong emphasis on our clients’ overall business strategy, to process the re-engineering of their financial operation with an eye toward immediate improvement and, ultimately, to help put each of our clients in a better and stronger competitive position in their respective markets. And, while we ourselves do not provide audit and review services, we will gladly refer you to our partner CPA firm that will provide that service.

To begin, our rates are extremely competitive and compare favorably with other CPA firms operating in this area. That said, it’s important for you to know that our fees are based on the type of service you require. For example: we generally charge a retainer (fixed flat fee) for one-time short- and long-term engagements. Clients who elect to work with us over the long term are charged fees based on the Client Service Agreement each of us signs. From time to time, we bill on an hourly basis. This usually occurs for labor intensive short-term engagements that require a significant time commitment and a customized approach. Importantly, none of the above payment arrangements are set in stone and variations of each are always available and negotiable. For more information about fees and the services you may require, contact us today.
I think you’ll discover that, while we are not the cheapest firm in town, our fees are extremely competitive. We live in this community, same as you, and are committed to serving it professionally and as affordably as possible. However, as is true for any professional service, there are costs involved in what we do – research, model/ scenario building, testing, legal compliance activities and more. We can’t absorb all of these costs and remain in business. As a result, we charge fees that enable us to maintain the highest quality of service possible while retaining the best personnel. And, if you take the time to contact us and compare our fees to our competitors, you’ll find that, with Davidov & Associates, you will get “more bang for your buck.” Call us today.
Yes … absolutely! It’s actually quite simple to enjoy a significant, money-saving discount. All you have to do is retain us for more than one service. In fact, the more services you order, the greater your savings are likely to be. To learn about our discounts, please check New Clients page. In addition, please be sure to check our Current Specials section for printable coupons.  How much can you save? To find out, complete a simple Get a Free Quote form or give us a call today.

There are several options available to our clients.  The first option is to e-mail your documents or for large size documents or if you do not feel comfortable e-mailing, use our SSL secure Client Portal.  You will need to scan your documents first or have their PDF/JPG/TIFF copies.  The second option is to fax them to our secure toll-free fax at 877-598-7658 or regular fax at 703-636-3312.  The third option is to mail in your documents (we will credit your shipping cost on the final bill).  The fourth option is to hand over your documents at our face-to-face meeting or drop them off with our receptionist.

While new clients are encouraged to meet with us in person for introduction and compatibility checking purposes, existing clients do not have to meet with us unless the nature of their project calls for a face-to-face interaction. We are very well equipped to conduct business remotely, with the help of Client Portal, Skype, GoToMeeting and DocuSign.

We routinely help a number of clients with their IRS and state tax authority problems. While we cannot always guarantee positive results, we can definitely devise a strategy that will help resolve your situation with the minimal damage to your wallet and reputation possible under the circumstances. We also work in the partnership with an experienced tax attorney who can always step in to help in especially difficult cases requiring legal help

As a part of our 360 degrees approach, we put you in touch with our partner CPA firm that does provide assurance services, such as audit and review. Our goal is always the same: to work with you and improve your competitive position in your market.

You can access this service directly from our business valuation partner firm. Their fees are fair and their professional capabilities are extensive.

Yes. Many of our clients have chosen that path. It enables us to build relationships that are closer to “working partnerships.” That, of course, makes it easier for us to better understand each client’s short- and long-term needs and goals and to tailor our services to better meet those needs and goals.

Many people ask the question – do I need a CPA to do my taxes?  The answer to this question is simple. A CPA can help you much more than an ordinary accountant. For starters: a CPA has had to pass a difficult Uniform CPA Exam in order to earn the certification. In most cases (such as mine), a CPA has spent many years dealing with clients whose problems and needs are not unlike yours. The years of education and hands-on experience makes him/her the perfect choice to help your business. Don’t settle for less – choose a CPA.
To protect the privacy of our clients, we do not provide any references to speak to.  However, we may provide you with written references (answers to your questions by two or three of our existing clients). Case studies can be found here.
You need to take the first step. It’s easy. Simply complete our Get a Free Quote form or call Davidov & Associates today at 571-554-2637 for initial consultation. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and tell you what we can do to meet them.