Bookkeeping Services

What is the first thing that you need to do to start your business off on the right foot besides developing a product of service offering?  You guessed it right – without bookkeeping, you are bound to create a mess that will adversely affect an understanding of your business trends, let alone render your tax return dangerously incorrect and expose you to penalties and more scrutiny.

While bookkeeping is offered by a number of various individuals and firms these days, not everyone offers the same cost/value ratio and knowledge and experience.  What sets us apart from many others is the hand-picked bookkeeping team that has years of experience working with different software packages, industries and types of transactions; our principal having deep accounting knowledge and more than two decades of accounting experience; and finally, a process that has made its objective eliminating opportunities for errors and omissions.  All these combined result in a very strong service offering at a reasonable cost.

Of course, you may already have an accountant on staff or, perhaps, you’re thinking about hiring a full-time accountant. That’s an option you have, but it’s one that is more expensive than the alternative – Davidov & Associates. We’ll save you money – lots of it – and give you the kind of professional performance you may not be able to get from a permanent hired hand.

We offer three main ways to help you with your bookkeeping needs:

  • Full outsourcing (we do 100% of bookkeeping)
  • Partial outsourcing (we do some or most of bookkeeping, while leaving certain tasks to you, such as billing)
  • Annual books review (we do not do any actual bookkeeping throughout a year but instead do a thorough, line by line review of all transactions for completeness, accuracy and proper classification, usually once per quarter or year).

No matter which option from above you select, we make it our goal to maintain the highest degree of accuracy.  Please inquire about our bookkeeping packages that include initial setup, data entry, maintenance, troubleshooting, adjusting journal entries and more.