Review and Amendment of Past Tax Returns

If you’ve chosen us to replace a tax advisor with whom you were dissatisfied, or if you were doing your own tax returns in recent years (but lacked the expertise to do the best job possible), we’ve got a bonus for you.

As a new client of Davidov & Associates, you are entitled to a free surface review of your last three tax returns. That’s right. We’ll review three consecutive years of tax returns for you … and make specific recommendations. A surface review is designed to reveal obvious omissions and errors, such as absence of depreciation where it should be present but not guaranteed to uncover all errors and omissions.  For a full peace of mind, request a detailed review (paid service).

If it turns out that an amended return can result in an additional refund for you, we will, of course, let you know and help you with the amended return, as well.

If you need to amend due to missing an item of income or to reduce or eliminate an improperly taken deduction, the amendment will result in a tax due.  We help you deal with penalties you may be assessed as a result of this amendment.

Be proactive about amending your returns if there a good reasons for it – not only will you stay compliant and avoid escalation with IRS and state taxing agencies, you may also receive a refund, if within the statute of limitations.  Contact us right away to order a review of your past year returns for possible amendment opportunities.