Tax Return Preparation

We are a Northern VA – DC Metro region tax preparation and accounting firm specializing in the preparation of all of the following tax returns:

  • Individual & Corporate Income Taxes (for all types of entities)
  • Partnerships
  • Estate and Trust Taxes
  • Gift Taxes
  • Sales and Use Taxes (for all states with this type of tax)

We are committed to completing your tax returns accurately and to helping you receive the maximum legal deduction to reduce your tax liability. You can count on us to work tirelessly to that end.

First, we’ll conduct a brief interview with you about your taxes either in-person, telephone or via e-mail.

Next, we’ll give you a comprehensive checklist (organizer) and ask that you provide us with all the support documents we request. Our work begins when we receive your completed organizer and paperwork.

Rest assured, your return will be handled in a professional and expedient manner by one or more of our skilled and highly competent CPA associates. As the process, and the work, unfolds, you may receive phone calls or e-mails requesting additional information. You can also call us at any time to check on the progress of your tax returns.

We are always available during normal business hours, ready, willing and able to answer your questions and help you any way we can.

When we’ve completed your return, we’ll contact you at once. We strongly encourage you to review your return thoroughly …make sure it’s right … or get back to us at once with any questions or problems before we e-file it or send you a final version to paper-file. To collect your original support documents, you can arrange an in-person pickup or request delivery by mail (including express mail). You will have a chance to select either a hard copy of your tax return or PDF.

Tax returns are a specialty of Davidov & Associates and you are protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It works this way: if you are not completely happy with your return and you indicate legitimate reasons for your unhappiness, let us know. We’ll redo your return for you – free of charge – until you are completely satisfied.