Recordkeeping and Document Management

Most consumers and businessmen find recordkeeping and filing to be distasteful and annoying chores. They tend to believe it’s not a priority and, as a result, often leave the work undone. That’s a mistake. Sloppy or indifferent recordkeeping can prove harmful to you as a consumer and to your business, as well.

That’s why you may wish to delegate this work to Davidov & Associates. We’re specialists in electronic recordkeeping and document management (no need for paper records or space-hogging filing cabinets), all of which we can do for you offsite.

We’ll accurately scan and assign unique ID numbers to your receipts … vendor invoices … bank statements …  checks … and much, much more – and store this confidential information electronically. That will eliminate the risk of lost, stolen or misplaced documents. And you can ask for — and receive – any document you want simply by calling us or sending us an e-mail.

We’ll return the document you’ve requested, in any format you ask for, on the very same day you made the request. That’s a guarantee!