Industries Served

Small business CPA in Alexandria VA

Davidov and Associates, a small business CPA in Alexandria VA, is a multi-practice CPA firm that has an expertise in many different industries. We work with individuals and business owners in Northern VA and the DC Metro region.

While this list isn’t comprehensive for all the industries in which we have worked, we have become specialized in several key industries that are well represented in Northern VA and the DC Metro Region:

  • Legal and PR (law and public relations firms, individual practitioners)
  • Healthcare (doctors, dentists, alternative medicine specialists, home care agencies)
  • Internet and Social Media (web designers and developers, eBay sellers, owners of e-commerce sites, web and social media advertising companies)
  • IT contractors
  • Consumer services (small retailers, insurance agents, restaurants, recreation companies, electricians, plumbers, painters, home builders, general contractors and more)
  • Professional services (architects, consultants, appraisers, copywriters, recruiters, real estate agents, translators/interpreters and more)
  • Real Estate (landlords, investors, rehabbers, flippers, realtors)
  • Franchises (any type of franchise)
  • Estates and trusts
  • Export and import companies
  • Technology (hi-tech, biotechnology and more)
  • Non-profit organizations

If your industry is not listed here, it does not mean we cannot help you. Most likely we have already dealt with a similar client and know how to help you. Just contact us or use Get a Free Quote! tool to find out what Davidov and Associates can do for you.

We look forward to working with you!