Identity Theft Victim Assistance

If you believe you became a victim of an identity theft, you need to act fast to notify IRS and state taxing agency. There are special forms to complete and other procedures to follow in order to prevent identity thieves from using your credentials such as social security number in filing fraudulent tax returns claiming refunds.

If you receive a letter from your employer notifying you of a data breach, or you recently checked your credit report and found suspicious activity, or received calls from collections agencies demanding payments on debt that you did not take out, this is a sure sign that you are a victim of identity theft.

Davidov & Associates stands ready to help you as fast as possible to put IRS and state taxing agency on notice that your identity was stolen so they could be on a constant alert for fraudulent tax returns coming from criminals. We will carefully guide you through all necessary steps to begin the recovery process.

One strategy that we recommend when dealing with identity theft situation and its impact on your taxes is to file your tax return early in the year, usually starting on January 21 when e-filing for the prior calendar year opens.

Do not put off contacting us if you fall a victim of identity theft. We can and will help.