Personal Budgets

Some people are better able to manage their finances than others. If you are someone who has trouble “staying on top of your money” and you think you need help, Davidoff & Associates can teach you how to become more financially responsible.

We’ll show you how to develop and properly manage your income and expenses and how to use that new knowledge to develop your very own personal budget. Then, we’ll teach you how to stick to your new budget by resisting the “old urges” to spend money needlessly and compulsively.

You’ll discover that there are many ways to live within your new budget and they are not necessarily restrictive or difficult to follow. If you have limited income, a high debt burden or expensive habits, you need to talk to us. We can help you … just as we have helped others like you.

We’re proud of our ability to help people achieve financial independence. Just read one recent client had to say: “Thank you for setting me straight on managing my money. I remember constantly struggling with bills and having to sacrifice a lot of fun things just to make ends meet. And that’s with my relatively decent income! Now it is a different world. I know exactly where my money goes and can plan in advance. I do not have impulsive purchases anymore. I made saving money a fun pastime. Two years later, not only have I avoided bankruptcy, but I also accumulated over $28,000 in my IRA.”