Medical Bill Advocacy

Health insurance costs are front page news these days. Premiums are on the rise and some doctors are refusing to take patients who are covered by policies the doctors don’t like. Many people have been forced to raise their deductibles or switch to less expensive HMO insurance plans just to remain covered and to keep their coverage budget-friendly.

It’s common knowledge that many insurance companies refuse to cover lots of different medical procedures and that they make administrative errors. Most consumers tend to pay the medical provider bills they receive without actually reconciling them with the “Explanation of Benefits” issued by the insurer. . These people may be paying more than is necessary.

You don’t have to pay for services you haven’t received. Often, you can prove insurance company error and have charges substantially reduced or even eliminated. And Davidoff & Associates can help make that happen.

We’ll review your medical bills carefully. And if we find an error, we’ll contact the insurance company for you to point it out to them … and then we’ll insist that they reprocess the claim.