Bronze Package

The Bronze Package, priced at $285, is ideal for single or head of household taxpayers looking for a transition from conventional tax services like H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax, or DIY software to a more personalized CPA relationship. It includes preparation by our qualified associates (CPA, EA, or CPA candidates) with a first-come, first-served completion priority.


What’s Included

Best For
Single/head of household taxpayers transitioning from H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax, or DIY tax filing software, with basic filing needs who want to establish a relationship with a CPA.

Return Preparer
One of our associates (CPA, EA or CPA candidates).

Completion Priority Before Deadline
First come, first served.

Preparation Time

No time commitment as long as prepared before the deadline.

What Is Included In Price

Up to

  • two (2) W-2 forms
  • one (1) 1099-INT form
  • one (1) 1099-DIV form
  • up to two (2) 1098 mortgage forms
  • up to two (2) 1099-R forms (except for IRA conversions)


  • any combination of the above forms not to exceed a total of eight (8) forms


  • Filing in one state (except NY, HI, CA and any state with local returns).

Note: No other forms feeding into Schedule A (such as 8283) are included.

Additional Services Included
Return reviewed and signed off on by Mike Davidov, CPA.

In-Person or Remote Interaction
Remote only (secure portal or secure fax only).

Discounts on Other Services
All other services are full price unless promotions are announced.

Limits on Communication
No e-mailed questions from the client (not including notification of document submission and responses to D&A information requests) included in pricing. Each email received and responded to that had questions in it will be billed $50.

All additional forms (over and above those listed under What Is Included In Price) are based on current a-la-carte pricing (we bill based on data entry volume and complexity).

Filing Extensions
Filed if and when necessary, as determined by D&A; the client is notified; tax to be paid with extension (if any) will not be calculated by D&A.

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